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Welcome to ToxPrint

ToxPrint is a public set of chemotypes developed by Altamira LLC for FDA CFSAN’s CERES project. The ToxPrint contains three basic subsets: generic structural fragments, Ashby-Tennant genotoxic carcinogen rules (1989), cancer TTC categories (Kroes et. al. 2004).

ToxPrint set is implemeneted in CSRML language and can be used by publically available ChemoTyper application

ToxPrint chemotypes can be downloaded free-of-charge for public use.

Link: Download ToxPrint chemotypes (XML file)



The ChemoTyper application was developed under a contract from the U.S. FDA, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), Office of Food Additive Safety.The XML-based substructure (or chemotype) definition language CSRML was co-developed in collaboration with Altamira LLC.

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