In order to use the latest ToxPrint file with an existing ChemoTyper installation, please do the following:

  • Download the ZIP archive with the latest ToxPrint rules.
  • Extract its content into a folder of your choice, e.g. My Documents. The ZIP file contains the latest ToxPrint chemotypes file named like ToxPrint_V2.0_rXXX.xml
  • Start Windows Explorer with administrative privileges (using "Run as Administrator" command)
  • Move the ToxPrint_V2.0_rXXX.xml file you have just extracted into the share folder of your ChemoTyper installation:

C:\Program files\Molecular Networks\ChemoTyper\share


C:\Program files (x86)\Molecular Networks\ChemoTyper\share on a 64-bit Windows machine

After that the content of the latest ToxPrint file can be loaded in ChemoTyper as usual from the Start page.

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